Public Administration

In its essence, Public Administration is planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling of government operations.

The syllabus of this subject has been designed such that it prepares aspirants on the workings of the government. As future administrators, it is imperative for students to have this knowledge.

The subject has been divided into two Papers – Paper One deals with Theory while Paper two deals with Applied Knowledge.

Considering the increasing relevance and influence of the discipline in the rapidly changing societal environment,the Public Administration programmeat Vihaan’s IAS Academy, Pune has been designed toblend the theoretical dimensions with the applied aspects.

Key Features of Public Administration optional:

 Clarity in theories & Concepts to answer any given question more accurately.
 Multiple modes of delivering the same topic to ensure conceptual clarity.
 Incredible insights to develop best answers.
 Use the most advanced technological of audio-videos, pictorial representations to build realistic understanding on the subject-matter.
 Detailed analysis of previous year questions to ensure:
• Right orientation
• Prioritize the topics
• Helps you to choose what to read and more importantly what not to read
• To approach the main exam with right strategy
 India’s best quality and highly relevant printed materials.
 The more personal, small-group teaching (supervisions) is the most distinctive feature of the classroom system.
 Experienced faculty.
 High Success rate.